RCD Honey – Redneck Certified Delicious

Welcome to the home of Raw Redneck and Local Hillbilly honey. Mason is the name of our friendly honey bee who loves to enjoy the comfort of his homemade hot tub of our signature Redneck glass filled with raw local honey. He hails from the Tennessee Hills but enjoys honey from all of his Southern cousins.

We are Ralph, the Worker Bee, and Judy Dougherty, the Queen Bee, of RCD Honey LLC. We like to have fun with what we are doing. The genuine Redneck glasses are made by us by hand. The Redneck glasses can be used for other purposes after you finish eating our great honey. Check out some of our ideas on dual use of our containers — think of it as a twofer, great honey product and useable glassware.

We are hardworking Americans. Our products are American made. We don’t import foreign products to mix with our honey. We spin or ‘sling’ our Tennessee Clover Honey by hand, strain out impurities, and pour our honey into our various containers . Our honey is nothing short of delicious. Friends and family have told us for years that our honey is the best tasting honey they have ever put in their mouths. They encourgaged us to share our product with others.

We are both veterans — Judy having served in both Gulf wars. As patriots we are proud to have served our country. We believe in America and in the values upon which it was founded. Our way of giving back for the privilege of living in this great country is to offer discounts to those who are currently serving and to those who have served honorably. Thank you for your service.

We are Christians. All that we have is from the grace of God. Did you know that honey is referenced 61 times in the Bible? If you would like to share one of these verses as part of your purchase, we will provide it with your order. Your purchases help us to tithe for mission work.

Buying RCD Honey is buying a little piece of Americana. It’s as classic as our Airstream trailer that we take to fairs around the country… perhaps one local to you. If you are looking for the best natural raw honey that is 100% from the U.S. of A., you have come to the right place. Try our Local Hillbilly honey or any of our Raw Redneck honeys selected for their unique flavors from throughout the South. All our honey is RCD – Redneck Certified Delicious.